Support Coordination


NSDS is a registered provider of Support Coordination.

Support Coordination helps people with disabilities to identify and purchase the supports and services needed to reach their goals.  Support Coordination is a service which is funded separately to your disability supports within your NDIS Plan.

Our support coordinators take the time and effort to understand what a meaningful life looks like for you, and where you want to go.   

We will support you to:

  • Understand your NDIS plan and goals
  • Understand what supports and services are funded by the NDIS
  • Provide you with information about what supports and services are available
  • Negotiate services and pricing to develop your budget that lasts for the life of the plan
  • Empower you to access and coordinate supports identified in your plan
  • Link you in with your local community
  • Develop your capacity to confidently manage your NDIS Plan over time. 

With your NDIS Plan there can be a lot of decisions to make.   We work to empower you to make decisions about the services you want and when you want them.

What you can expect from NSDS:

  • A commitment to listening to what you want and need
  • A quality person-centred approach
  • Communication that is honest, open and reliable
  • An understanding of how the NDIS works
  • A commitment to helping make your plan work