Ladies and Blokes Day

Each Friday of the month we run weekly Blokes and Ladies Days starting at 9.30am - 1.30pm (times may vary) Bus leaves 9.30am from 30 Eastwood Street, Ballarat East VIC  *BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL CALL 1300 94 6737

Ladies Days

Friday 6th September


Manicure at Stockland’s $20 

9am -2pm

Participants choice of lunch $10

Friday 13th September


Ballarat Aquatic Centre Swim and Spa $9.80

9am – 2pm

Participants choice of lunch $15

Friday 20th Septemberls


Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm

Travel to Daylesford for morning tea at Hepburn Springs picnic grounds

Tour of Lavandula farm followed by a light lunch at the café. $25

Friday 27th September


Ballarat International Foto Biennale 

Explore the streets of Ballarat and the wider world through the International Foto Biennale

Start your morning at the magnificent Art Gallery of Ballarat, The Mining Exchange, the Minerva Room, the Ballarat Post Office Gallery and the Town Hall.  Morning Tea and Lunch at participating cafés  $30

Blokes Day

Friday 6th September


Fishing at Haddon with a BBQ lunch

Friday 13th September


Laser Tag.

$14  Lunch of participants choice $ 15

Friday 20th September


Movie and Lunch.

Majority vote movie and lunch. Majority vote on movie and of place to eat. $10.50 movie $15 Lunch

Friday 27th September


Golfers Lounge. 

Pool $2 gold coin per game, Virtual Golf $10ph, Darts $2 

 Lunch $10- $15 Participants choice.